Flickering lines on monitor while browsing, never during fullscreen games.

Aug 24, 2018
Just got a new computer with a 1080 ti and i randomly get black horizontal lines across my three monitors often while watching videos, streams etc, never while playing games in full screen, im running 2 samsung C27FG70 as "side" monitors on 120hz because i dont have enough display ports, main monitor is acer XB270HU running 144hz, also got a TV plugged in with hdmi to the motherboard, tv is almost always off.
Tried disabling the tv in the intel graphics settings, still get flickers, also tried multiple different power settings, tried running my three monitors on 120hz no change.

Also this happened when i clicked "play alpha now" (link to picture below) and it forwarded me to another page, the page that i clicked on had animations running in the background.


What u see on the main monitor that could also be the "flickering" that im seeing sometimes, its just like a 1 frame so its hard to see what the "flicker" is.



Aug 24, 2017
Usually, fully screen games run at a lower resolution, there is a smaller chance for monitor to flicker or go blank.

When you are working or watching videos, the screen resolution is actually higher than full-screen games, the signal bandwidth is bigger. Your monitor cables (HDMI or DP cables) may not be able to bear such high bandwidth stably.

You may need a high quality cable to ensure stable graphic signal transmission. If you are using displayport cables, you could try this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MF4NJBL