Flight Simulator X Stuttering Problem~


May 8, 2010
Yea... have had this problem for a long time now an it's really starting to annoy... In locations Im getting 60+ of constant frames but when I go into spot or locked spot view and look at the terrain you can see frequent stuttering every like 2 seconds even though my frames are still above 60... why do you think this is happening?

System Specs:
CPU: Phenom 955 X4 @ 3.2GHz
Mobo: ASUS M4A89TD
RAM: Corsair XMS3 DDR3 (2 x 2GB) 1600MHz
PSU: OCZ ModXtreme 700w modular psu
Case: NZXT Hades Mid-Tower
Video Card: Sapphire 5770
HD: Western Digital 500gb Caviar Black
DVD Drive: Lite-on 24X DVD-RW drive
Insignia HDMI Monitor @ 1440 x 900 Res (Via HDMI cable)

Thanks in advance!


Jun 25, 2011
Allow me to enlighten you and a thousand others, who don't want to 'settle' for the stuttering. The problem is not your computer! The program is defective! I have run that program on six different computers, including an eight thousand dollar gaming machine; it stuttered. The system requirements that are written on the box are bull****! There is no computer, that you or I could possibly afford, that will run that program, without stuttering, on maximum settings. I am telling you facts here. Don't do what I did. I ended up with one hell of a computer, in an attempt to conquer FSX! Here are the specs.: This is my computer. It has an Asus mother board. An Intel hyperthreaded 6 Core (that's 12 effective cores) i7 3930K water/glycol cooled 3.8 GHz processor, two 12x Blu-Ray/DVD-RW Combo Drives, two Nvidia 560 & 550 TI graphics cards, a Soundblaster Audigy 8 channel dedicated audio card, 64 GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive, controlled by Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit operating system. In my personal opinion, if that won't run a program, then the program is sh*t.

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