Sep 5, 2003
I have a computer with a 3 1/2" floppy drive. The computer is a PII 400 MHZ running XP and has 256mb memory. The problem is this. If I insert a floppy into the drive and copy files onto my hard drive or just look at them and then remove the floppy, any further access to the empty floppy indicates that the floppy disk is still inserted! Refresh does nothing. Inserting another floppy disk in the drive and using Windows Explorer to access the drive STILL shows the contents of the previously inserted disk. If I reboot, then the next floppy disk inserted displays what is on that disk. Any further attempt to read another disk results in the same situation. Refresh with no disk in the drive STILL shows that the disk is inserted. If I try to delete the item in the "empty" drive an error message that the item is write protected occurs.
Any ideas what the heck is wrong?



Dec 8, 2002
My first reaction is to suggest spending $10 on a new drive. Was this drive working in XP before? If so I would say definetly the drive. If the XP is new to the system it might be an un-supported hardware problem because of the age of your system...hard to tell without some more info on it.

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This isn't likely, but perhaps you have the floppy drive set as read only in BIOS.

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