Question Flow Order Help?!? First Water Cooled Build...Thermal Take Core P6 plus Performance PC's Channelz Core P6 Distro Plate

Nov 29, 2021
First custom loop, and at a standstill trying to figure out my flow order. The setup is:
ThermalTake Core P6 TG case
MSI MPG X570S Carbon EK X
PowerColor RX 6800 XT Liquid Devil
ThermalTake 360mm radiators x2
Performance PC's Core P6 specific distro plate

I am stuck. I am using hard tubing and cannot figure out where to start. I do custom automotive electric, and am very OCD about my harnesses and cable management at work, and I am pretty sure that is why I am beating my head against the wall trying to figure this out. The radiators are mounted up top, and motherboard for reference.

Please, any suggestions on a starting point. Thank you.


Well, start with the pump. You have the fill port at the top, you can clearly see that goes to center of the pump. The outlet side goes down to the two lowest ports, one is labeled drain. The other goes to the first component you want to cool, looks like they intend that to be a radiator.

Outlet of pump -> Radiator -> distro plate bottom left -> out to GPU -> back to distro plate -> CPU -> back to distro plate -> second radiator -> back to distro plate/ pump inlet

Now when you say you have both radiators top mounted, I don't think that is the intention of this distro plate. However, nothing says you have to use all the ports. The alternative you be to just go straight to the GPU by bypassing the first radiator (ie connect the two bottom left ports together)

Bottom right in the photo. Backwards from the drawing.



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