Question Fluctuating GPU clock speed on laptop ?

Aug 23, 2022
I bought Lenovo Legion 5 a few days ago it has i7 11800H , RTX 3060 , 16 GB RAM I installed windows 10 and updated everything even bios with the lenovo vantage app and when I installed msi afterburner my gpu clock speed keep going from 420 to 1425 continuously and when i try to press anything on the application it lags with every clock drop I have a video showing that, so this is happening when idle and when I run a game the gpu clock speed become stable and the game run perfectly fine but when I unplug the power cable the gpu clock speed return fluctuating and the fps on the game keep dropping from 60 to 58 and the game stutters
things I tried and it didnt help :

  • Reinstall Windows
  • Disable battery battery boost in geforce experience
  • Uninstall graphics drivers from device manager
  • Search the internet for a solution
I posted a video on reddit to show the clock speed issue here is the link:


there is a thread on this site with the same problem but there no solution yet the guy said its not a problem at all but its a problem when you run a game which is supposed to run perfectly fine without plugging the power cable but the gpu clock speed is unstable and it become unplayable

guys you are my only hope please
any reason why you unplugging power cord while gaming?
its mostly power limited to prolong laptop uptime before battery drains

looking at legion 5 battery specs it comes in 60wH and 80wH wariants
power brick is 230watts
so if you remove power limits while on battery, under 230watt load your notebook will drain within few minutes (15minutes or so)

here is a youtube video on how to change power usage while on battery