Question Fluctuating wifi signal right next to router.

Jun 18, 2020
So Ive had this PC for a while, I didn't build it, it was given to me as a birthday present from my dad. It was a store bought (walmart Im guessing) PC called an HP Omen. It's got a GTX 1070 GPU with 16GB Ram and an i7 IRRC.

Its worked flawlessly for about 3 years, with minor problems here and there.

On June 14th, I had an operation that I wanted my PC to do whilst I was asleep. Downloading a rather large file IIRC, and I wanted it done when I awoke. What I awoke to was unresponsive peripherals and no nothing being output to the display. Power button wasn't working, keyboard mashing did do jack, so I hard booted it off and booted it back on. Turns out it was a Windows 10 update that must have gotten stuck.

On June 15th, I wanted another long operation whilst I slept, so I left it to idle while I was asleep. That morning, June 16th, I woke up to the PCs peripherals doing the exact problem June 14th had. Hard booted it off and started it. PC power button started up, and within half a second, shut off. This repeated for as long as until I unplugged the PC. Complete unresponsiveness. Opening up and doing the exact same thing (turning it on) showed me the fans spinning up for ~1 second and then slowing down to a complete stop, before looping. I suspected the PSU had died and so I had a spare, but I waited to get home on the 17th, and spent all night replace the PSU. (500w 80 Bronze, both new and original.)


This morning I boot up the PC and get to the homescreen and decide to browse the internet. However, the network panel starts telling me that there are "No Wi-Fi Networks Detected".

I reinstalled the drivers, downloaded them to my phone and transferred them to the PC and installed them, everything and to no avail. Well I decide to check Ethernet capability. I move the PC next to the router in my house (2ft away), and boot it up whilst I grabbed my Cat5 cable. Well I come back to see that it had connected to the internet. Yay!

Except more failure. The connection fluctuates between Max Signal to 1-2 bars every 10-20 seconds, constantly. I updated the Intel Wireless drivers, did a windows 10 Update. No dice so far.

Any ideas?