Fn F5 key ACER aspire 3000

Keyboards go bad. So does the setup that maps the fn keys to what they are supposed to do.

Does your F5 key do anything without the fn key? Does your fn key work with other F keys? good, it's not the keyboard.

<Fn> + <F5> Display toggle Switches display output between the display
screen, external monitor (if connected) and both.

Reload the video driver from the Acer site for your laptop. Sometimes loading a video driver from windows update can mess things up. See if there is special software that is used to control the external monitor, if so reload that (for thinkpads it's called 'presentation manager' I don't know acer). Post in the acer support forum, laptop video is highly customized.


Sep 9, 2011

Thanks. yes all the other f keys work and the F5 seams to as well. I try your suggestions and let you know.