Question Focusrite 2i2 unplug / changing the output device causes Windows restart

Jul 10, 2019
Hi everyone.
I am really struggled with this problem. After I try to unplug my interface or change the output device to Focusrite USB Asio I am getting Windows restart without any errors. At the same time, I can plug, unplug, change ports of all of my other USB devices. This behaviour started to happening only after I reinstalled my BIOS battery due to black screen after I tried to set my RAM timings too low. Here are what I am able to do right now with latest Focusrite drivers:
  • playback sound from browser, games;
  • playback sound from DAWs and audio editing programs if default sound driver selected (not the Focusrite USB Asio one);
If I am using the Windows default sound driver (not the one from Focusrite site) I can plug, unplug, change usb ports, playback sound without any problems. However, whenever I install the latest driver or even latest beta driver and after I try to unplug my interface, the PC just restarts without any errors. It doesn't even create the minidump file after it. if I deselect the "Automatically restart" option in the "Startup and Recovery" section of advanced Windows settings the Windows just freezes forever.

Here is the list of what I already done:
My PC setup:
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600;
  • Video: MSI GTX 1050 2GB;
  • RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 3200MHZ with XMP profile (yes, I tried to lower the clock speed and disable the XMP profile too);
  • Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk.
I was also able to ran my PC through AIDA64 stress CPU, Cache and Memory test for 30 minutes without errors with unplugged Focusrite interface and only 15 min max with it with the same Windows restart scenario, but it was actually before the battery reinstallation.

It seems that it has to do something with Focusrite drivers, but what and how can I fix it and why it didn't appear before?
Thanks everyone for suggestions and your time!
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