[SOLVED] Focusrite scarlett crashing when moved

Jul 31, 2021
So I have this problem with my scarlett studio, it works great but whenever I so much as bump it or pull on mic/headphone cable it will mess up whatever I'm doing. So if I'm in fl studio it will freeze it up, but it becomes normal after a second or few so no big deal, problem is I use the same pc for gaming, and in most games if I do that it will straight up freeze/crash it or just fully cut out audio for it. Happened few moments ago when I wanted to say something in games vc and I noticed my mic wasnt turned on, I press the button on the interface, it moves just an inch and bam my game is frozen and I have to alt f4. I thougjt it was my old pcs problem since it did a lot of weird stuff, but I just got a new one and still this problem persists. Anyone have any experience with this happening?



Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Include PSU: make, model, wattage, age, condition.


Power down, unplug, open the case.

Clean out dust and debris.

Verify by sight and feel that all connectors, cards, RAM, and jumpers are fully and firmly in place.

Check that all external cables are likewise fully and firmly in place. Both at applicable computer port and at the connected device.

Audio connections, video connections, USB connections, Ethernet connections, etc...

Do the same for all power cables and any interim devices: power strips, surge protectors, UPSs, etc..


Look in Reliability History for error codes, warnings, or even informational events that may have been captured at times that the system crashed.

Do I understand correctly that the problems seem to be more related to audio connectivity and use?