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Feb 21, 2018
I am looking for a decent foldable workbench where I can move a desktop to clean or change parts easily.
I would prefer not to use a fold up party table that you can commonly find at walmart or target. Such as:

I have found a few ideas:
Wood Table
Wall Mounted Table

Any other suggestions/ideas would be great.


Mar 10, 2019
Wellllll.....I know that you don't want the foldable party table sort of thing (that thing is just too big), and the first link you provided is actually pretty-darn good (I might go for one of those late in the year), but, what I have been using alternates between two tables that I have (depending on which one is closest to me at the time):

One is a non-folding, collapsible table, having a top that is 24" x 48", and is made of the same white material as most of the folding tables out there.

The other is a folding table that opens up to a 24" x 48" table top area...same white top.

The non-folding table lives behind the piano, in the livingroom, and the folding table lives behind the hydraulic press, in the garage.

Now, the plastic material that those tables are made out of is a static hazard, of course, but I just drape the table with 2 anti-static mats that I sewed-together, and all is well. I have had them for years, so I keep using them. The foldable one is nice because, if somebody has a computer issue, I can grab that table and take it with me--either here, in the house, or to a remote location--and I have a solid place to work on, and the anti-static mat stores between the two halves of the folded-up table, so I always have it.

That said, I did put the https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DB8PX1S table in my wish list, on Amazon--just because it looks better, and it can replace the one I have behind the piano, and the other one can go out to the gararge for laundry folding chores.

This one caught my eye, too, mainly because it's a smaller table, but still usable: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XT13CGV
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