Question Folder permissions - read only: very hard to turn off


Jun 10, 2018
Hi all. Read only folders. Why are they so hard to turn off?
I have 3 drives, C obviously, plus D and E. I create a new folder on D or E and it automatically defaults to read only. Even if I uncheck read only, apply, and ok, it never sticks. I'm sick of it.
Every tuturioral Ive come across doesnt fix it, many of these contain clicking on windows menu options that no longer exist because windows updates change these options often.
Is there a simple way, in 2023, to just stop this unnecessary protection on my drives? I'ts ridiculous. Even if I have to download a third party app?


It is supposed to be like that.

They are 'read only', until you want to do something.
Then, the system takes over, unlocks it, and does whatever it is you were asking it to do.

By default, they all show "read only".

I could go through every folder and every drive on my system, and they are all like that.

Leave it alone.
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