[SOLVED] Folder says it's only 5MB in size but it's actually more than 10GB


Sep 1, 2019
The folder used to be the Users folder in the C:// and I had the drive removed. So now, the former drive is now functioning as an external HDD.

anyway, when I had opened the folder, it said the subfolders were empty but the icon was it was normal icon, not the fainted one when it's empty. also, when i tried to open those sub folders, it wouldn't do so.

How do I retrieve more than 10GB files? it has my school and other important files. Hope someone can help.
It's things like this (and many other things that can happen) that it's a near necessity to make backups. When something like this happens to me, I just go to my backup and retrieve what I need in minutes. That ounce of prevention sure saves a lot of painful pounds of cure. I use the free version of Macrium Reflect, but there are numerous others available too.