Question Folding@home setup - mining card or gaming GPU?


Feb 1, 2014
I'm thinking about setting up a F&H rig to run 24/7 but I'm not really sure which GPU to get. I am currently running F&H on my GTX 1080 but want to up the ante and go for a high end card. At first I was thinking about a RTX 3080/3090 but getting my hands on one is like winning the lottery and I read that F&H can't use the RTX cores anyway. Then I read about the upcoming mining cards from Nvidia and AMD and was wondering if that would be a better solution? I'm thinking they would probably cheaper to acquire and to run regarding power consumption, but has anyone a good insight into what would be the best?
List of GPUs and their PPD(Points per day).

We don't know what these new mining-only cards are going to be like or how long it'll take to get them supported on F@h. At this juncture in time, the 3060Ti is currently the best price to performance for mining (as long as the price is at msrp...) so that would be a good start to think about. But peruse that list and decide what option is best for you. It's also really a matter of "what card can you even get your hands on" that's limiting your options here.
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I wouldn't buy a mining card.

  • Some rumors say they wont have any display outputs. 2 years ago when this happened also, the mining cards had a single DVI output.
  • By design, they have (essentially) zero resale value if/when crypto prices drop again if they're limiting the display outputs.
  • The mining limiter is only for ETH.
  • Other reasons....
  • Maybe it's all that's available.
  • Price SHOULD be cheaper.....probably still far above MSRP though.
  • I haven't seen anything (aside from display outputs and potentially lower quality coolers) that suggests they'll be inferior for F@H.