Follow manufacturer's recommendation label or not?


Mar 6, 2007
Hi, I'm new with this memory world, and I'd like to ask you guys about this:

recently I bought 2x1GB Team Extreem Dark PC 6400 CL4. The label (and also at the Team Group site) says this:

4-4-4-12 (2.0V - 2.2V)

When I first plugged them into my mobo (GA-P35-DS4), they were set at 5-5-5-16 with 1.85V (Load Optimization Default at BIOS). Also, when I ran CPU-Z, it showed like this:

1. So, does that mean the manufacturer really intent for these sticks to run at 4-4-4-12 (2.0V - 2.2V)?
2. Does that mean if I want to go with that timing, I should set the voltage to 2.0V - 2.2V?
3. Does it safe to increase the memory voltage (as long as I stay within the range mentioned), or will it shortened the sticks' lifespan?

1. yes. mfg. specs 4-4-4-12 @ 2.0-2.2 v.
2. yes. set 2.0-2.2v is mfg. specs for those timings.
3. yes it is safe. Exceeding mfg. voltage specs can certainly damage your DIMMs.

After you adust your memory voltage to mfg. specs, hopefully you can run mfg. spec timings of 4-4-4-12. You will have to set the timings there manually in BIOS.