For Audio or Games?


Sep 25, 2004
Ok so ive got the parts for 2 computers here, one is to be a games and multimedia computer and the other for my homestudio. i dont know what i should use for what?
anyone wanna help me out

here is what i got
1 ABIT IC7 - max 3
1 P4P800E - deluxe
1 Set of 2 x 512mb DDRultra pc4000 500 mhz ram 3-4-4-8@50 mhz
1 set of of 2 x 512ultra DDR pc3200 r400mhz ram, 2-3-2-5@ 400 mhz
1 set of 2 x 512 Geil Dragon DDR pc4000 golden dragon @ 2.5-7-4-4
2 10k rpm WD Raptors
1 80gb seagate sata
1 200GB seagate sata
1 intel prescott 3.0
1 intel northwood 3.0
1 asus 6800gt
1 sapphire 9800
2 dvdrw's
icute 301sl case 400w 4 fans
another similiar case with 450w psu

i think thats it.. what would be the best config for both?


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You have links to the details on that P4P800E-Deluxe? I've never heard of it!

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Jul 6, 2004
IMO, the Northwood on the game machine with the 6800gt, one of the raptors and the 80gig. Use the 1 gig of PC3200 here.

The studio setup gets the Prescott, 9800, other raptor and the 200gig. Use all 4 sticks of PC4000 here, try reducing the ram timings to 2-2-2-5 or 2-3-2-5 if it'll take it. (since the posted rating is for running at PC4000 speeds, they may do it - or close to it)

Put the better PSU (not necessarily the 450w one, it depends on quality) on the machine with the 6800. Obviously put 1 dvdrw on each. Don't know enough about the different mobos to have a recommendation, but assuming both mobos can take either CPU, I'd put the Prescott on the newer mobo - just being ignorantly 'safer'.

Not sure what kind of media you do in your home studio, but 1 gig is usually enough for games today, and I'm assuming your home studio needs more disk space. If not then swap the larger drives.

I'm also assuming you're not going to Overclock. If you are, I'd probably do the same, but maybe I'd find out how fast each would go, and put the faster one on the studio PC.