For co-worker - new build for $350 please review


Mar 8, 2008
So here's the skinny, we need to be at the current price or lower. This user will be running Ubuntu and doing normal every day user things such as email, internet, streaming video, and music. No gaming except for what the existing config can handle and is available to the open source community, IE experimenting with some games but not actually gaming with anything specific or steady for that matter. So I bring you the $350 PC. My goal was to get the best components in the price range, the purchaser plans to install a video card and a windows OS in a couple of years, again nothing fancy but that is the upgrade path. Please suggest any changes you would make to the build given the budget restriction, specifically with the motherboard, I would "like" AM3 compatiblity if at all possible but my last AMD build was a socket 939 AN8 Abit board so it's been a while for me.

Case - Antec Three Hundred - $60 free shipping (this is what I talked the guy down to from the P-182 so I don't know if any cheaper suggestions will fly but I'm open to any)

Motherboard - ASRock 780G AM2+/AM3 mATX - $70

Processor - Athlon 64 X2 7750 AM2+ - $60 free shipping

Memory - A-DATA 2 x 2GB DDR2 800 - $39 free shipping (ever since slickdeals posted this stuff it's been sold out, any other suggestions?)

Power Supply - Corsair 400 - $50

Hard Drive - WD Caviar SE 320 - $50 free shipping

DVD Drive - LG 22x burner - $24 free shipping