Question For some reason Dolby access screws up my headset, any idea?


May 2, 2020
Headset: Astro A50's...

So basically the other day i was playing overwatch, suddenly sound stopped working in headset but mic was working, game didn't crash. No issues with PC, GPU was 66c at 100 percent load. CPU 55 to 65c. AIO coolant 29/31c. So temps were fine.

Noticed my youtube videos stopped playing, like buffering and if i clicked play, would instantly pause, but when swapped over to the monitor speakers. Videos started playing again along with the audio. Swapped back to my Astro a50's and again no audio or videos moving. put headset in tray to reconnect, still no audio. So turned headset off and on and restart overwatch. Everything went back to normal. Thought it was a weird glitch, maybe a one off.

But today happened again when playing fifa, but i discovered it was happening when i enable dolby acceess/atmos app, only recenttly installed this. So sometimes it would work, but then maybe after 10minutes, maybe after 2 hours, who knows. Disabled everything and then working fine, 3 hours later windows automatically enabled windows sonic for headphones, and same issue happened again, i turned that off and everything wen't fine again. Why is the spatial sounds feature messing with my Astro A50's, doesn't affect pc speakers. Pc screwed?, headset screwed? or just some compatibility issue? Also when it happened, i have to manually re-select discord to headset again, to make it work in discord.


I don't have any solution but i certainly admire the problem.

Also, what i can add, is to describe the issue i'm having, which is essentially the same, symptoms wise. Albeit i have completely different hardware, making me think that the underlying issue is with OS (namely USB packets sent), rather than the specific hardware and software that i (or you) are using. :unsure:

Now, i have Corsair Void Pro RGB USB headset (specs) and also software that goes along with it: Corsair iCUE.

I too, several times, have had my headset stopping audio play and when i open up my iCUE, it says that it either has lost connection to my headset, or headset has produced a fault. What fixes it, is unplugging USB cord and repluging it in, so that iCUE detects it again. Often times, iCUE itself, completely crashes as well. So, i have to restart iCUE, alongside unplug/replug my headset. :heink:

Now, i also have 2.1 speakers, that i can switch to, and those work 100% at all times (via analog 3.5mm jack).

My headset is somewhat old, 5 years (to the month) and i think that, perhaps, the issue i have, is with my aging headset. :unsure: Since when it was new or new-ish, i didn't have these kind of issues. Instead, these started to appear a year ago or so. Then again, Corsair iCUE is what it is and is nowhere near perfect either. So, i'm torn between it being headset/iCUE issue or Win and USB packets issue.