Discussion for someone that knows alot about displays: most important things we should look for in a display?

Apr 7, 2019
what are the most important things we should look for in a display?


from what i understand so far, here are some of the filters i've been able to come to:

compact size:

- a relatively small size so it could be packed into a luggage

- anywhere from '27 to '24 or above '21

ideal ratio:

- ideal ratio would defintley be 1:1

- but i think there's almost none of this

i dont know anything else and i cant think of anythign else


main use of display is

- learning

- reading shit

- youtube (learning)


ideal display would be able to change size + ratio

- but for the thigns i know i care about,

- none of it exist yet it seems, dunno

height adjustable stand is also important but i think either one of these:

1. 99% of displays do have height adjustable stands

2. or that there's 0 good commerical sites/shop that actually listed the details of if it has height adjustable or not

im pretty sure (80% confidence level) taht #2 is the case tho
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What do you want from a display - what are your specific requirements?

Quantify those requirements: e.g., length, width, weight, resolution, price.....

That is what you look for.

Use the filters to narrow down monitor choices to what you want/require.

Identify 3 or 4 viable monitors.

Then look for professional reviews and reviews by verified buyers.

Go to the manufacturer's websites: read the applicable monitor User Guide/Manuals. Read the site FAQ's and Forums.

Look for what is said and what is not said.

For the most part you will end up discovering a monitor that does indeed meet your requirements.

Do remember - details matter so be sure to read any fine print.
Apr 7, 2019
since what im ideally looking for doesnt exist really,

i've been able to come up with a a new requirement (the only main requirement):

highest total pixel within the display size limits/restricctions mentioned in op

how to find? any good sites taht has very very very very SUPER good filters?
Apr 7, 2019
- 'highest pix' where you would still be able to read websites easily

- prob va (just heard about this va thing) or ips, dont think it'd really matter

please link sites that are helpful and answers this question