Question For the life of me can't get to install Win 11 update KB5014697, 0x80070005


May 4, 2016
A few days ago I had a power outage, and when I turned on my PC again, I got the message "Something didn't go as planned, reverting the changes". I usually keep my PC up to date so when I checked for update, I saw an Error message. Clicked it, checked for update again, and showed me that I had 2022-06 Cumulative Update pending. So I downloaded it, and when my PC did restart, it installed the update to 15%, restarted again, working on update to 0-5% then restarts again, and then I get the same "Something didn't go as planned" message.

I troubleshot the Update, and got these

So, I googled around, went to the services and turned a few settings like BITS, Update etc to Automatic from Manual. Didn't change a thing. I manually downloaded the update from Catalog, installed. Nope. I ran the SC config fix, I think it fixed a few errors but not the update. I uninstalled 2 previous updates of .NET security. Windows update installed them just fine again. Also installed security definitions, malicious software removal tool recently. Just not this specific update. After poking and prodding a few times, the security part was installed but not the cumulative part.

Even when I click "Update and shut down", it doesn't shut down. Just restarts. With same error. Any suggestions ?

Win 11 Version 21H2, 22000.675
x64 machine
My specs are the same as my sig, but Ryzen 7 3700x, 2070 Super, 16GB RAM etc


Win 11 Master
Jun 12, 2015
this might help

right click start button
choose windows terminal (admin
if it doesn't open as powershell, choose the drop down arrow in title row and select it from list
copy/paste this command into window:
Repair-WindowsImage -Online -RestoreHealth
and press enter
Then type SFC /scannow
and press enter
Restart PC if SFC fixes any files as some fixes require a restart to be implemented
First command repairs the files SFC uses to clean files, and SFC fixes system files
SFC = System File Checker. First command runs DISM -

it seems odd the security update has the same KB number
KB5014697 -

CU should probably really have been a combo of that and this number:
KB5014019 which was released a few days before -

I got the 24 May one a few hours before the 14 June one.

you may find you need to do a repair install of Win 11. All it does is replaces windows, leaves applications and files alone. You would need to reinstall cumulative update afterwards.
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