For those who has monitor flickering issue.


Nov 23, 2010
Please no reply is needed. This post is ment to be an information not a question.
As I find myself during various times. Dispite the make of the monitor it will flicker every once in a while. I am not talking about a momentary flickering. It's the one where the screen goes dark everytime you click something or just simply hover your mouse. After hard research I found nothing. Hardwares and softwares are all fine and connection is a go too (done through DVI port).
This is simply the problem caused by too much heat and or dust. For my case mostly heat. So to fix it you simply have to unplug your DVI/HD port (pending on your monitor connection). Then simply give it few blow of air (compressed cans or just blow with your mouth) off you go again.
Reasons for the cause?
I am sorry Im not credible nor knowledgible enough to give an answer why especially heat can block the signal for DVI/HD port to monitor.
Alternative solution:
Keep your graphic card cool especially if you do a lot of graphic works and play intensive games like myself. Recomanded get a liquid cool for your high end graphic card if you can.