Aug 8, 2010
is this SSD good

Step Up To Solid-State Speed with Force Series 3
its Version 1.2

Corsair SSDs are 2.5" wide, the same size as notebook hard drives. An adapter is included for mounting in standard desktop PC 3.5" drive bays.

One of the best PC performance investments you can make.
You'll be amazed at the improvement over traditional hard drive access times the first time you turn on your computer, and for virtually everything you do with your PC. System startup, application load times, data transfers, and even shutdown times are all faster.

Your system will be more responsive, and you'll be more productive.
Add up all the time you spend all day waiting for your computer — starting up, loading game levels, saving large files and documents — and it can be significant. Using a PC can be a lot more enjoyable when it's not always making you wait.


Personally I would not recommend that drive, myself and many others had unfixable issues with them.

That's a 37page forum thread about people with issues with those drives. They have released several firmware fixes since I last tried to get it working, but I will not purchase another corsair ssd regardless.

There are also several posts on here about people having issues with this drive.