Forceware 182.06 + GTX280 + Vista x64 = flickering


Jun 26, 2008
I've just installed a fresh Vista x64 downloaded the Forceware 182.06 and installed it. That's when the problems started. When hovering in specific applications, like jetaudio's preferences, creative x-fi volume panel with the mouse, the screen is flickering, depending on the intensity how often the cursor hits an object (row, button,..). Any ideas how to solve this?
If I uninstall the forceware the flickering stops. The card is a Zotac GTX280 amp.

Edit: the same with the 181.22

I also found out, that if I hook up one more monitor, and running them in dual screen mode, solves the issue. There's no flickering. But as soon as I turn the other monitor off, it starts again.

The resolutions of the two screens are: 1280x1024@60Hz and 1920x1200@60Hz. Running just one of them alone causes the problem with each.


I have the same problem with a 9500M GS and all versions of forceware 185 and 186.
With the 182.50 for the desktop cards, modded by LaptopVideo2Go, I don't have any problem.
I've already written to the nvidia support but I've not received any response. :pfff:
Any idea? :)

Sorry for the English! :sweat: