[SOLVED] Forgotten the name of a cooler, can anyone help?


Jun 15, 2018
Hi y’all,

I recently remembered coolermaster having a very interesting and unique cooler, but I somehow completely forgot its name. It was an AIO, with the radiator mounted right above the cooling block. It kinda looked like an aircooler tower, something like the hyper 212. You could rotate the radiator 90 degrees to have it horizontal or vertical. The fan had a 90mm fan, and it was something from the masterliquid-series.

Does this ring a bell to anyone? It’s not that I want any purchasing advice about it, I’m just mad I forgot its name :mad:
Google "Cooler Master AIO Radiator hyper"

Click images. Very likely you will see the AIO in question.

My search results had dozens of images.

If you still do not find the cooler then just revise the search criteria a bit.