Question Format not working completely for USB?


Dec 16, 2019
I have a MossDart 16G USB stick. I had it loaded with a Tails ISO for
booting directly from the USB, and it worked fine.

The other day I did a Windows 10 quick format, and put some MP3 files
on it. My Windows laptop read it perfectly, but my Honda Pilot did
not recognize it (I regularly use MP3 sticks there and they work fine).

I tried an experiment to do a full (not quick) format and reinstalled
the MP3 files, but the same thing happened. Again, Windows recognizes
and plays the USB but the pilot did not. Oh, I forgot that I tried it on
the player in my 4Runner and it also did not recognize it.

I guess I should just throw it out, but I would be curious to hear if anyone
can suggest why this might have happened? The error about not recognizing
the USB is what I might have expected had I put in the raw Tails USB...