Formatted Hd's now it doesnt seem quite right?


Mar 3, 2016
Today I formatted my HD and SSD because it had been a couple years since i first set this computer up and it was starting to feel a bit bogged down. So I formatted my HD through the disk manager in windows and i assume all went well. I then formated the SSD with the windows disk and installed windows again and everything was fine. Now that im reinstalling progams, all of it is being installed on my SSD. Thats fine, I can move it and changed the settings in chrome to download to the other HD. The thing that is confusing/ bothering me is that on the HD it doesnt seem to be storing files like it used to. By that I mean, before, i would have Program File folders on both HD and SSD and it was super simple to organize everything. I dont remember doing anything to said HD or SSD to create these folders since they obviously just happen. Well it happened that way with my SSD but not the HD. When I install a new program under the HD it just creates a ton of unorganized files/ folders.

I guess my question is, Did i screw up something when i formatted my disks and what do I do to get all of these folders back that just kind of created themselves before? Also, I had various disk partitions that I vaguely remember creating but dont remember why. Do I need to do this again? Sorry for the nooby questions, I just want it to be back the way it was and dont remember what I did to make it that way. =\

Phillip Corcoran

The Program Files folder on a secondary storage device is not created automatically - - you have to create it manually if you want to install apps there in an organised way - - -

--- and when you do install apps on the secondary drive, you also have to make sure that you manually edit the default install path before clicking "Install" (eg so it reads D:\Program Files\xxx).