Formatting 2nd hard drive for storage


Feb 25, 2012
Hi all...hopefully this can be a simple fix. I'm running xp pro sp2 and I installed a 2nd hard drive just for extra storage of mp3s and things like that. The hard drive is a 40 gb maxtor IDE that is set to cable select (recommended by motherboard manual) and had an old version of windows on it. My main hd is a wd sata. After installing, it found it without any problems but put 2 drives in the 'my computer'...local drive and system recovery. So I formatted the drive to wipe it out and it still shows the 2 different drives...Local and recovery (local is 37gb and recovery is 100mb). Both are now empty but is there a way of doing this so it only comes up as 1 drive instead of 2? or 'unpartion it' if it's partioned from the factory?

Board is msi 7529
System is xp pro sp2
Psu is 500w cooler master
Mem is 2gb ddr2