Formatting Hard drive? through laptop? wha?


Oct 6, 2011
hi, so I've sold all my computer parts.. but I forgot to reformat the hard drive (which I didn't sold) so I'm planning to use this Hard drive (it has win 7 OEM installed) on my new computer.. since I forgot to delete win 7 and all the stuff on the hard drive.. I'm guessing it won't work on my new computer because of all the new hardware :??:
so uhh.. is it possible to delete all the files including windows 7 off the hard drive through my laptop? maybe by using a certain wires,cables or anything?? :(

rather than buying a new HDD I would like to save money to invest on a better video card and re-use this Hard drive instead.


If you install the drive in your new machine, and boot to the Win7 dvd one of the options you will get is to format the drive.

Actually maybe your new computer is already running with Windows installed, and you are just trying to use this one for storage. You should still be fine just hooking it up to your new machine, and from within Windows you can format the drive.
If you have a new computer that you will be using this drive in, during the OS install you will be given a chance to create/delete partitions and format.

You can also purchase a usb external enclosure to put the drive in and hang it off your laptop. You can then use your laptop to format it or go into disk management if you need to create/delete partitions.