Formatting old hdd


May 18, 2009
Hi there!

I just finished assembling my new computer and installing windows and all that jazz. The only hard drive connected to my computer is my m4 ssd. I've got my old hdd from my previous build lying around and I'd like to add it for storage.
Problem is the old drive isn't formatted. It's got windows installed on it along with all of my old stuff. I assume in order to use I'll have to format but exactly how do I do that?
Will the fact that both hard drives have windows installed on them cause any problems when trying to format the old drive ?
You don't need to format it to use the old drive, just connect the old drive making sure in the BIOS that it will boot from the SSD drive. Windows should then recognize the new hard drive. If you want to format the drive simply right click on the drive and select format. No problem.