Question Formatting W10 Pro (for the 1st time)

Dec 14, 2021
Hi Gang

I just picked up a Dell Precision 3620 and formatted a brand new WD 2TB using W10 Pro for the 1st time. To my understanding the 'Bios' is now referred to as 'UEFI'? Anyway when I saw the Boot Options, they naturally looked physically different from the old Bios Screen I used to see within W7 Pro and WXP. I always choose Erase/Delete to wipe the new drive before I began format. I recognized the X (for Delete), but couldn't be sure the new drive was actually deleted BEFORE I began the format? In any event, I think the format proceeded without any problems? I also don't remember seeing any indication that a small 'Reserve Partition' was created? This was almost automatic when formatting drives using Windows 7 Pro. However it appears I actually got THREE separate partitions?

When I checked Disk Management in the Dell Precision 3620 I saw this:
Disk W10 Pro

When I checked 'Disk Management' in the old Optiplex 790 I saw this:
Disk W7 Pro

These are 'other settings' in the Dell Precision 3620. (BTW I never use Raid), instead use a PCIe esata card. If you guys see anything irregular please let me know (Thank You)
Boot Options
System Options
Secure Boot
Integrated NIC

Thank You!
Dec 14, 2021
Thank you I looked over the tutorial ...

Actually 50% of the instructions are unnecessary and 'over complicate' the situation since I'm past all the initial steps ... As mentioned, the system seems to working fine.

More basically, a simple question applies:
Is it normal (or acceptable to get THREE partitions)?
Three Partitions

If the answer is no its not necessary, than I can easily just reformat the drive ...

Thank You



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