Question Formerly pink flickering now slight hints of green flickering after taking to repair shop

Sep 2, 2022
Well long story short I used to deal with my laptop's monitor pink flickering alot and I took it to the repair shop last yesterday I noticed that the thing was monitor related since we plugged my laptop into another monitor and the thing was not flickering at all, So it seemed to be a laptop monitor issue, Anyways after I was doing something few things like maintenance like cleaning and what not, I remember getting my laptop back and the thing was surprisingly not flickering pink at all infact the line ontop of it was normal colored and I thought the thing was fixed, Right up until now I started to notice my top line is now flickering a bit of green instead and I was moving to another page and the thing flickered a bit of green, Something was off, I opened a white image and the thing was slowly starting to flicker green and it started to flicker green now instead of pink, The thing is not flickering on pages so far only this specific white image but it might soon flicker on pages and other things since I noticed a hint of flicker when I was browsing, So far the line ontop of this forum and other white colored websites seem to be normal but that specific white image was the one flickering with me so far

As for the repairs, Nothing has been done so far aside from disassembly for cleaning dust, And thermal paste

At this point the best solution I remember being told was to buy a new monitor and honestly I am close to that but I wanna know why did it suddenly change green and what not?

Quick edit The thing is gone on white images by somehow me minimizing the white image then maximizing it again something is off