Question Fornite not smooth and fps drops on rx 580 / ryzen 2600

Dec 14, 2019
Hello everyone, im new to the forum sooo straight to the point..
Im having fps drops from steady 144+ fps and it stutters my screen, also even with 100+ fps my game doesnt seem smooth on my screen and im getting some input lag on my mouse at some points especially arena late game fps is around 100 and its seems like 30 and my sens feels different.. I tried reinstalling the game, different drivers, fresh new windows and nothing works.. Different radeon settings and Stock/overclock still the same issues. I even recorded a video on youtube:

My Build:
● CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (3950 OC)
● GPU: Gigabyte RX 580 8GB (1460/2250 OC)
● RAM: Kingston HyperX Predator 16 GB CL15 (2 x 8 GB) 3000MHz with XMP Profile 1
● MOBO: Gigabyte b450 aorus m
● AMD DRIVER: 19.12.2 + Windows 10 Pro 1909 (latest version)
● MONITOR: AOC C24G1 144hz Freesync on
●PSU: Cooler Master 600W

Any suggestions could be helpful, thanks !