Fortnite game break something inside my PC, please help

Sep 23, 2018
Hello, this is my first post, my english is not best and I tried everything to fix my problem and now Im stuck. Thank you for any help.

My setup -

8300 fx
msi r9 380 2G
Msi 990fxa gaming 4
xfx 650w xxx edition semi modular
8gb kingston hyperx 1866mhz
1t hdd
120gb ocz ssd
katana 3 cpu fan
and tv as monitor, model is LG 32LE5500

Problem started few days ago when I install Fortnite game, then start up game and when game should begin, it shut down pc immediately. I think I heard some small electrical sound from PSU and try turn on pc and it was all ok. Try start up game again and same thing, pc shut down and again small electrical sound. After that pc wont enter windows. It was showing BSOD for atikmpag.sys after bios image 2 times, and 3th time was asking for startup repair, safe mode and rest and that was in loop. I had windows 10 and my cpu was OC to 4.20ghz for 2 years with no problem.

After that second shut down pc, bios image was not full fit screen, it was in different resolution or something, it was cut from top and bottom of screen was black line. Also when I try enter safe mode and when I enter my password my TV screen blink or flash black with this symbol in every second row !!!!!!!!!!!! before entering safe mode desktop. I was thinking that was something with MBO and tried pull battery out for few mins and put back, after that I noticed that MBO says I have 2 keyboards but I have only one. But still I could not enter windows, only safe mode and it was still flashing/ blinking before eunter safe mode.

Then I install new windows 10, I disconnected HDD before and format ssd. It was all looking good until win 10 start to update video card, in middle of installation when it should blink few fast times like always it just turn black and stay black. I tried to leave it for few hours but it was stuck on black screen. I tried all drives and all was same issue, black screen after driver installation. I tried DDU program in safe mode but no help, tried install/ remove drivers in safe mode but no help. Then tried to install win 7 and drivers for win 7 but no help..
Then I was thinking it must be TV, borrow one monitor but it was same issue like on my TV, black screen after drivers. Also tried put ram in different slot but no help. Now Im on win 7 and cant install drivers and I still have that flash/blink of black screen when entering desktop.

I think it is hardware problem but I dont have another pc where I can try one by one components.. Is there anything I can try? Thank you very much.