Question FORTNITE gpu usage drops in more demanding scenarios

Apr 7, 2019
When tested my pc in a private match, I realized that my fps was underwhelming at around 90 fps when looking straight into the city my gpu and cpu usage was at 55%, but when I looked into the ground (trying to get the least demanding scenario) my fps rose to 220 fps and gpu usage to 90% with the cpu at around 75% usage.

my pc specs are:
GPU: ichill gtx 770 2gb x3 ultra
CPU: i7 3770 @ 3,40 GHz
ram: 16gb (4gb in each slot) @ 1333 GHz
power supply: cooler master 650W

my in-game settings:
fps limit: unlimited
resolution: 1440x1080 windowed fullscreen
3D resolution: 100%
view distance: epic
shadows: off
anti-aliasing: medium
texture: medium
effects: low
post processing: low
vsync: off
motion blur: off

I think its a ram bottleneck since its a really old DDR 3 @1333MHz
Apr 7, 2019
Nothing to do with RAM so forget about that.
Your FPS are normal

I just watched that, and it seems that is what you should get

Remember a 770 is as good as a 1050ti, in todays standards.
I think this video is a bit too old to be relevant since there were many optimization updates since the date of the video upload.
The thing is, I just want to get more fps and that 55% usage is just really bothering me.