Fortron ATX350GU 350W HiQ


Apr 28, 2003
Hey all!

I am after some opinions. Do you all think that <A HREF=",ATX350GU,350W,HiQ,Brand,P4/AMD,Ready,Power" target="_new">this</A> will be enough to power my system? (specs: AthlonXP1800+ Paly, 512 sdram, cd-rom, 2 20gb harddrives, PcChips mobo, Radeon8500(non-le))? My Generic PSU that came with my cheapo case isnt cutting it, but I also dont feel like putting too much more $ into this system. This one <i>seems</i> like it should work, and Fortron is supposed to be a great brand (I dont have any personal experience), but I'm a little worried about its quality since its so cheap. If it'll work, great!

Thanks for the help!

Being that Fortron under-rates their power supplies, this could be a Fortron 300W unit relabled by HiQ as a 350. I suggest a REAL Fortron 350W unit with 120mm fan, available at the same site for only $36

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