Fortron fanless 300W: Wavemaster or Praetorian 732


Sep 5, 2005
I like the Praetorian 732, but I'm leary about the side vent acting like a megaphone and amplifying the fan whine.

Is anyone using the Fortron FSP300-60GNF fanless 300W with either the Wavemaster or the Praetorian 732? Does your system cool with the stock provided case fans or are you facing temp problems? How much noise are you dealing with?

Are Zalman cpu fans with the Praetorian 732 a loud combo because of the side vent/megaphone?


Former Staff
Fanless isn't actually a good idea for power supplies, these are produced only because people either don't know that, or are stubborn.

I have a Vantec Ion2 450W that's virtually silent, its 120mm fan spinning so slowly that it can't be heard from any reasonable distance.

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