Fortron Problem...


Nov 28, 2005
Ok i took someone's advice here and bought this FSP psu... and it blows...

for some reason the 3.3V line is VERY weak... delivering 3.08 at load and 3.2 at idle... and i have experienced SERIOUS lag in COD2 that i never experienced before with my old generic JUSTPC 425 watt oddly enough... only when i underclocked my gpu by like 50mhz and brought my cpu to stock speeds it would work fine... so i returned the psu and just put my old psu back in and everything works now- gpu oc by like 50 mhz and cpu oc by like .15Ghz... yea so FSP blows... but anyone reccomend another psu as i still want to replace mine???
I'd send it in for warranty replacement, or return it to newegg if it's within 30 days. Fortron fsp makes power supplies under several labels, and they should be able to help you. The best warranty response I received was from enlight. They actually returned my call and I got to talk to a real person.
That's the impression that I was getting - is there any other benefit?

...bastages recently jacked the rates by over 20% so I'm not on good terms with them at this moment. :evil:


Dec 22, 2005
The Enermax noisetakers at 480w and 660 watt are what toms said has the cleanest power of the power supplies that they have tested. I have one and love it. It is also quieter than any previous psu i have had.