Apr 20, 2011
HI! I am using windows XP on a dell 8400 dimension. Got infected with a few viruses, got rid of them but now my computer is a mess and getting worse. Accordingto dell, I should be able to reinstall XP without the cd by hitting Ctrl and F11 on reboot. I guess it is stored in there and it should bring it back to original state when I bought it. When I reboot and do this I get Sata drive 1 not found and then 2, and then 3. Hit F1 to continue. I really need to wipe this computer or try to repair but have no CD. Can any body help? Liz E.
Re-do the virus cleaning by booting in 'Safe Mode' (F8 on Dell?). If not, some viruses may re-attach themselves and you will have the same problems. Shut down and re-start. If things are not ok, shut down.

Now re-start and keep tapping the F2 key. This will open up the BIOS options screen. Now select 'Drives' and enable (ON) the drives that have devices attached (otherwise enalble all and you will have to hit the F1 key everytime you startup; no big problem; sometimes I prefer this). Save and exit the BIOS.

The computer will re-start with the new enabled settings. The next step can be determined after this.