Question Forwarding ports - I still can't seem to make it work :( Any hand?


Nov 8, 2017

So I have spent hours on trying to enable the following ports

TCP - 443

UDP - Ports 61000 - 61050

UDP - Ports 6250, 5060 and 5062

But it just doesn't seem to work or I am doing something wrong. I have added the ports in my router settings, allowed and added rules in the firewall, but yet the ports aren't being so nice to me :(

Would anyone be willing to help or give me ideas?

First be very sure the ports need to be "forwarded" rather than just "allowed". It is very rare to need 443 incoming and some ISP and routers prevent this.

Allowed purely means you do not have a firewall of some kind blocking it. In most cases you have to do nothing since most people have not setup firewall rules.

You find massive misinformation about this. Some gamers see these lists and then publish them in many other places saying you must forward them when that is not the actual requirement.

So more what does not work. You almost have to be running some kind of server to need this.

Now if you actually have some kind of server you need to be sure the program is really running or things like port scan will fail.

So if you have the port forwarding rules correct and you have verified the server is using those ports then the problem is likely that you do not have a public IP. Check the IP you see in your router WAN. The details of how you find this vary a lot between routers but almost all have a way to see the IP. What you then want to do is compare this ip with a site like whatsmyip. If the ip are different you do not have a public IP and port forwarding will never work.