Forza Horizon 3 Not Starting!


Dec 29, 2017
Since i bought Forza Horizon 3 for windows 10 I've had issues in the beginning trying to get it to start. when you launch the game it comes up with its normal splash screen, the the grey background changes to black and the splash screen disappears, then a few seconds later the background changes back to grey and closes itself with no warning. After the third reinstall which took many hours and still not starting on the first few tries, it started to work until this morning where its showing the same symptoms once again. I've tried resetting the app, restarting my computer, checking for new updates (according to windows update it is running the latest version of windows), installing and uninstalling a multitude of free apps, done all the steps in this official Forza article: but nothing is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there something i have missed or have not done apart from reinstalling the game, because its takes many hours for it to download and already 2 attempts of reinstalling have not worked.