Question Forza Horizon 4 and 5 have Identical crashing issue ?

Nov 11, 2021
I quit playing Forza Horizon 4 because when I would enter a cutscene after a race the game would freeze and shut my whole system down. No BSOD, just black screen and shut down. I must have tried every fix on YouTube/Internet related to Fh4 crashing, nothing has worked. One thing I noticed is that several people had this issue, but only their game would crash, not the entire PC like mine. I ended up giving up playing FH4 because I was never able to find a solution. Mind you, I own several AAA titles and they all run at ultra settings with no issue, including GTA with a ton of mods. I recently bought Forza Horizon 5 thinking it would be different as far as not bricking my whole system.

Unfortunately 10 minutes into the game, I enter a cutscene after finishing a race and the same thing happened. Black screen, PC shut down, and I have to manually restart. Same thing everytime, in the same scenario. Only happens during a cutscene, I can cruise forever, but as soon as I enter a cutscene, my PC bricks. I know several people are experiencing crashing with FH5 but this is IDENTICAL to the issue I was having with FH4 and I'm afraid this is not something a patch will resolve. It feels like something internal on my end. I'm hoping someone here has had a similar issue or hopefully the same issue so I can finally resolve this and not resort to buying a 3080 just to be able to play a game ._. Also event viewer shows no errors

PC Specs :
650W PSU
MSIb450 Gaming Plus Max
Win 10