[SOLVED] Forza Horizon 4 Lag Spikes, Stutters and Poor Performane on PC. Please Help and Answer!

Nov 25, 2018
So I've wasted almost 100 euros on forza horizon 4, and same money on 3 (they both have the exact same problem). Every single time I play them, no matter the visual setting ( they might make a difference here and there but almost unnoticeable) after a little while the game stutters like crazy, to the point where it is unplayable, and sometimes crashes. I also have a problem where they tell me my bandwidth is not good enough, textures fail to load and game crashes (although very rare).
my PC: I 5 6600k skylake 3.5
msi gtx 970 4gb
8 gb ram ddr4 2.4 ghz.
The PC is not bad, yet the games stutter like hell. ANY TIPS, HELPS, EVEN REGARDING THE VISUAL SETTINGS, WILL GREATLY HELP ME, PLEASE, I WASTED SO MUCH MONEY ON THESE GAMES I WANT TO PLAY THEM, im noob in this whole pc thing so this is why I kindly as for your help, thank you!


Update your post to include drives and PSU information. OS?

Use Task Manager and Resource Monitor to observe system activities and performance.

You may note some changes or patterns that lead to the stutters and occasional crashes.

Event Viewer and Reliability History/Manager may capture some relevant error codes and warnings.


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