Question Forza Horizon 4 Refuses to run


Aug 22, 2015
So this is a bit of a special case, considering I was able to play the game just fine on xbox game pass prior to actually buying it, but once I did, what a [censored] show ensued, ever since buying it I haven't been able to launch the game even once, Forza Support is absolutely trash and points fingers to Microsoft, and Microsoft support goes lmao idk want refund?

I've tried every troubleshooting step recommended to me by Microsoft Support as well as other general ones, even going so far to completely clean install windows 10, but of course that didn't help a single bit.

So the problem is that everytime I launch the game it stays on the Mclaren Senna screen and after 40 seconds of so staying there I get a Hang Type: Activation Error in event log of the game Application, and this is the only game where I have ever seen it pull such error.

I've tried running this game off of several different HDD's in my PC as well as SSD's and no matter what it won't pass that screen, I've seen others with the same issue, but sadly none of them have been helped and Forza Support is still trash, so I was hoping anyone smart here could help me out and do what Forza Support can't!

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