News Forza Horizon 5 PC Performance: Racing to 60 fps and Beyond


Feb 21, 2016
game needs ray tracing, graphics are nice and all but I'm missing DXR features

reflections on cars and environment should be RTX; usually I don't care much about RTX reflections but it feels it's a good match for racing games


Oct 9, 2019
At 1080p Extreme and it looks barely better than Forza 4, nothing like the trailers.

I'm really not impressed by it so far, the AA option is horrible and the performance on Extreme is bad for what it offers and like I said barely looks better than Forza 4. You need to stop and look closely to actually notice differences... meh.

I know it's not the same type of racing game, but GT7 will blow this game out of the water...


Feb 21, 2016
At 1080p Extreme and it looks barely better than Forza 4, nothing like the trailers.

I'm really not impressed by it so far, the AA option is horrible and the performance on Extreme is bad for what it offers and like I said barely looks better than Forza 4. You need to stop and look closely to actually notice differences... meh.

I know it's not the same type of racing game, but GT7 will blow this game out of the water...
It's pretty much Forza 4 with small bump to environment / textures. Driving won't see those; you need to go camera mode to see.

That's the problem with these console games (Microsoft / Sony)... their hardware suck at RTX so PC ports are artificially limited not to make their console look bad and loose sales.

Their car showcase that has RTX is a complete joke.

It's a shame because it's well optimized and RTX reflections would of been perfect here(racing games).

Same with God of war, another well optimized game that would benefit from RTX(maybe global illumination?) to boost quality.
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Apr 17, 2016
game needs ray tracing, graphics are nice and all but I'm missing DXR features

reflections on cars and environment should be RTX; usually I don't care much about RTX reflections but it feels it's a good match for racing games
But still the reflections of these cars are some of the best ever in a racing game


Sep 12, 2006
I wonder if there will be a special section where the player has to swerve in between thousands of illegal aliens walking north on the highway?


Oct 9, 2019
Another full of bugs and unfinished game release. I had game freezes and loading stutters and I've uninstalled this PoS. Like Horizon 4 before it, this game will be playable only 1 or 2 years after launch.

The issue list is a mile long on Steam >

  • There are flickering water reflections on low spec PC with AMD graphics card
  • Car dials have a "white-ish" texture and are blurred when car is moving on AMD card with integrated Radeon graphics
  • PC - While using 'Alt+Enter' combination the Title still reads 'Enter' button as an input
  • Upon changing hardware the game doesn't ask you if you want to re-run the graphics setup.
  • Clicking buttons with the mouse can trigger the wrong action
  • Capturing the video using Xbox Game Bar with Scaled display in Windows result in partially black recording
  • PC - UMA video memory is not supported
  • At first launch in game resolution does not match the Windows resolution
  • Game window is partially obscured when launching in full screen mode
  • Turning off screen effects in the menu does not turn off chromatic aberration
  • PC - Chromatic aberration get very extreme with ultra wide resolutions
  • PC - User is not messaged to download media pack on Windows N version (windows 10 and 11)
  • Tabbing out during launch will cause window to open cut off in bottom right of screen
  • Steam - Mouse Cursor is stuck on screen at all times
  • Some car elements have missing transparency on PC with AMD GPU
  • DRS on PC can cause GTAO depth issues at high resolution
  • Texture rendering issues on PC for terrain and vegetation when using Resolution Scaling On
  • The Forzathon Shop is currently not open, please keep an eye on our social channels for when this is available
  • Accessibility - Player is not informed that it is not possible to join the Horizon Life session when the Game Speed is lowered
  • User is asked to save changes in Wheel Controls Settings regardless if changes were made
  • Audio - Audio no longer works after turning on Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic on PC
  • Custom Controller mapping cannot be saved with unassigned actions
  • Super 7 - The Horizon Super 7 progress is automatically reset when entering The Horizon Super 7 Screen after winning last Challenge Card
  • Publishing an arena in EventLab navigates to the custom events screen which shows the newly-created event
  • When changing output format from stereo to 7.1 (or any other combination) the game sometimes goes silent.
  • Online friends are occasionally not shown in the Online Players List
  • Cut-scenes lock to 30 FPS while user setting is set to "Unlocked Frame-Rate (Variable)"
  • Non-standard aspect ratios do not have their native resolution set by default
  • Game input intermittently non-functional on Press A To Start screen
  • Challenge Cards can be created in offline mode even though they cannot be published
  • Player is unable to set group/convoy run from map screen
  • Player may become blocked after switching input devices in some areas.
  • Cars visibly despawn in player's view
  • After creating a Custom Layout player is unable to use any ANNA/LINK options
  • Controller vibration suddenly stopped working after being disconnected from an online session
  • User has to terminate and relaunch the title to apply an installed language pack
  • Blueprint- Ramp assets placed during creation may not appear in race
  • It is possible to change the state of a challenge card from "revealed" to "covered" while burning them
  • Head-to-Head - Losing the race during rewind forces the player out of the rewind and causes the car to be stuck in place with high speed
  • Players are not able to join another Player after they create a significant number of new convoys back-to-back
  • Rebooting the console with headphones plugged into the controller and then booting the game results in only the radio audio being heard
  • Eliminator - The Player may become unable to pause or open the map during an Eliminator session
  • Black bars persist on top of the screen when creating a new route in playground games
  • Telemetry overlay may not turn off preventing usage of other menu items
  • There is no on-screen message while matchmaking for Horizon Open
  • Event Lab - The "Set Player Objective" action in EventLab doesn't work in certain conditions
  • Not completing Co-op "Buggy and the Beast" can cause persistent cinematic black bars
  • Idle players are sometimes not properly kicked for inactivity
  • Audio - The looped sound occurs when the Player gets kicked out for inactivity from the Seasonal Race Coop
  • Navigation lines may be missing when using ANNA to complete more Horizon Stories for Accolades
  • Checkpoints cannot be placed if creating a route blueprint at a Street Race location in EventLab
  • Barn Finds - Unable to collect the Mk1 Ford Escort until after a reboot
  • Props will occasionally fail to load in Challenges
  • Players' dots on the map may appear to be driving a D-class car
  • Player liveries may not load in free roam.
  • Convoys - Joining a player after sending them an invite causes an absence of convoy leader
  • "Off the Beaten Trail" Test Driver Story and certain optional Expedition objectives cannot be completed with maximum assists enabled
  • The "No Music" option is not working when creating a Challenge Card in Super7
  • Air Event volcano - GPS route did not update for Round 3 Danger Sign
  • Buggy and the Beast - Player does not get the accolade "monster destroyer" if they win the event after a restart
  • Prestige Stars may not display correctly in leaderboards
  • Players may experience infinite "Waiting for Players" screens after finishing first stage of the Co-op Baja Expedition
  • xCloud - The majority of game settings (including controller layouts) are not retained when playing on different platforms
  • Expeditions - Canyon - Players are not able to finish expedition with the entire convoy
  • Terrain may disappear temporarily during Co-op Expeditions
  • Friends/Players shows no one online when a friend is actively playing
  • The Trial - After "Event Starting" countdown solo players are not prompted if they want to participle in event
  • Drag Racing: AI cars seem unusually difficult at higher difficulties.
  • Accolades - Danger Signs - Don't Break It, There Isn't Many Left - doesn't tell the player about the specific danger sign you need
  • xCloud - Players are unable to join or invite to a Convoy using LINK (‘X’ Action)
  • DLC - Player may lose VIP crown and house after restarting the game
  • Accolades - Some Accolades may display uncomplete even after being completed
  • Crash - EventLab - Playing an Event that was created in Performance mode while playing in Quality mode causes a crash
  • Accolades - When playing on Xbox some Accolades are missing icons in the Menu
  • Some Drift Zone, Speed Zone, and Danger Sign Accolades may become impossible to achieve
  • Mouse input may not work in some post-race scenes
  • The Festival Pass "Max Points" score may occasionally be incorrect
  • Quitting a club via the Club Info panel leads to invalid options in the UI
  • Corrupted textures are visible on the road and terrain in certain areas of the map after completing a Horizon Arcade event
  • A prompt saying that the convoy leader is already in a convoy sometimes appears when attempting to invite other players
  • Long wait times can be experienced during matchmaking
  • The livery or tune on a Gift Drop can be removed if an error is encountered while uploading it
  • xCloud - Players may experience mouse control issues on the Replay screen
  • Crash - When using Sogou Pinyin input software, the game crashes during the initial drive.
  • Convoy - Players in a convoy may disappear and reappear repeatedly.
  • Lotus Elise GT1 1997 tagged as Barn Find in Auction House
  • When applying a livery players may notice the background to be filled in rather than being transparent
  • Porsche Spyder 918 main body of the aero wing remains inactive when the car is speeding up or braking
  • "William" used instead of "Willian" in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ V1.5 - Input from the shifter is not registered
  • Logitech G920 - Driving wheel no longer produces force feedback after suspending the title
  • Logitech G920 - LINC - Quick Chat Phrases are not being displayed when selecting them on Wheels's D-pad in events and in Freeroam
  • Players using wheels are unable to navigate the Controls Mapping screen using the D-pad after creating a new Custom Layout
  • There is no "Rev Engine" binding in the Upgrade Shop when using a wheel
  • Steering wheels have car feedback during cinematics in Initial Experience
  • When using the Logitech G920 steering wheel on Xbox, button icons for prompts are not visible
  • Players may experience recurring disconnects when using the Logitech G923 and Thrustmaster wheels
Other issues, concerns, and tips
  • Can't play on Steam: Restart Steam to initiate Unpacking
  • Can't find DLC cars: Go to the Autoshow, Sort by Value and tab to the [0 CR] cars to collect them for your Garage.
  • Free car voucher: The Welcome Pack offers a one-time free car from the Autoshow. You'll see this as an option to use CR or the voucher when you select a car from the Autoshow. (tip: look through the Accolades and Festival Playlist for cars you can win instead of burning your voucher)
  • Loyalty Rewards deliver the cars except for P1, or only the Senna: we're aware of this and investigating.
  • Online not available: Once you've played through the initial drive, first Showcase event, and completed the first Story chapter, the menus should open up. If not, continue completing "New" events on your map, and reboot.
  • Bonus boards impossible to reach: Expanding your outposts in the Adventure menu and completing Danger Signs and other events will spawn ramps that will help you achieve elevation. Also scout the area for terrain that will serve for jumping.
  • Fast Travel: You can use the menu to Go Home for free (as well as use the Car Collection to go to the Autoshow for free), but you'll need to buy the Player House on the western side of the map to enable Fast Travel to any road point on the map. You'll still need to pay CR for each Fast Travel until you smash Fast Travel Bonus Boards which reduce your cost eventually to zero.
  • Cars not available in the Autoshow: Use the Car Collection to select each model and see where they're available. Hard to Find cars show up in the weekly seasonal Festival Playlist events, and some cars can be won from the permanent Accolade challenges. Cars can also be won in Wheelspins.
  • Locked phrases and clothing: Same as with cars.
  • Convoy "Not in Leader's Session": Ask your convoy members to park in your vicinity on the map to have them added to your session in the Convoy list.


Oct 19, 2011
I'm overall liking the game so far. My 2080 Super is having no problem running the game at 1440p on Ultra. Not sure exactly what FPS I'm getting since it's good enough that I haven't bothered to check or benchmark. Pretty game just like Horizon 4 and 3. Lots of strange bugs and multiplayer problems though.

I really absolutely despise the amount of crap to unlock though. It's just as bad as FH4. I do NOT want stupid cosmetics, emotes, horns, or small amounts of money in the early game. Really ticks me off when my friends are getting cars from wheelspins nonstop and I'm stuck with shirts and pants. The reduced information density on the car and design selection menus is also an issue -- too much whitespace!
I only play on the Xbox series X so I don’t have any of these stupid issues. PC gamers should give up like I did many years ago. Consoles are well good enough. PC gamers must love pain and suffering

I am laughing at all of you Spending countless hours monkeying with BIOS and driver updates and all kinds of crap for every game that comes out it’s ludicrous and a complete waste of time. I’ve been enjoying Forza horizon five cents and got released with zero issues

I turn on the Xbox and start playing no wasting of time And absolutely zero performance issues

When I want to game I need to game on a box that’s dedicated to gaming because using a personal computer has been nothing but trouble because frankly they’re not designed to be gaming boxes they just have all this extra tech and heat producing equipment stuff in there. I need a box that’s made specifically for gaming that’s fast and efficient and that’s what I have in the Xbox series X and the PlayStation five

The series X has been nothing but wonderful since day one of release. Absolutely no performance issues it runs silent I never hear it running ever not once no matter what it’s doing no matter how hard your gaming or what game you’re playing it sits there cool as a cucumber giving you ours an hours of pleasure with no work involved