Question Found a 240Hz monitor on the street


Oct 12, 2014
I thought it was fine until I connected it to my computer. Saw lots of lines across the screen.
So it looks like this is an alienware monitor aw2518HF

I have noticed 4 distinct problems that will crop up occasionally. The longer the monitor is running, the better it seems to get. It either has issues or it either doesn't, and the screen is 90% normal as far as I can tell.
One, that vertical colored columns will appear across the screen.
Two, that there are these white horizontal lines spaced out on the order of 1.5 each centimeter. If I look at a black image, if I look closely, I will see these faint bars across it. To see what that was about I visited this and I could tell some visible clusters of progressive scans. The position of these lines won't move, although you can see distortion effects or sometimes an increase of them in one area of the screen if you put up a black picture. Obviously, harder to tell because this monitor is running at 240 hz.

Three: Sometimes, for a while, an image will get ghosted. Like, if I'm looking at my desktop, the image of my desktop will stay faded-in for a couple of seconds and go away later. This seems to combine with the vertical lines I mentioned. So, like the vertical colored rectangles will progressively sink in and then disappear.

Four, even when it's running 'fine' I can see those horizontal lines. They are ALWAYS there as far as I've used this. So the first 15 minutes after starting it up was the worst. I saw issues 1-3 pretty often. After a while it's better, and for a long period of time had no issues whatsoever. Except for issue #3, which was not that bad.


There is no chance it's a GPU problem, because my graphics card was working fine with my regular monitor earlier today.
I wiped this thing down with water and alcohol earlier today. I may have been careless about the water. Is there any chance that can be the cause?
So my question is... can this be fixed at a store or something or is there zero chance.