Question Four Display setup - two are only showing half a screen


Nov 17, 2013
Have a friend who has four displays. Was working fine until it was all moved out to have new flooring.

When it was moved back in two monitors now only show half the screen. I took a photo but I’m gonna assume you can’t just insert a photo from a camera here?

From the left: (All are dvi-d duel except monitor 2 which is dvi-d single)

1st monitor plugged directly into video card. Shows correct full desktop with icons.

2nd monitor - shows the left third of the desktop background on the right half of the screen (left half is black)

3rd monitor - middle third of desktop background takes up the full screen

4th monitor - shows the right third of the desktop background on the left half of the screen (right half is black)

Monitor 1 goes directly into graphics card. The other three monitors plug into a Matrox TripleHeadToGo device that plugs into the PC via a display port.

He has a GTX 660 and still using Windows. 7. The key thing to remember is it wasn’t doing this before it was moved out. It happened after it was moved back in.

I have never used multi monitors in my life so this is new territory. Any advice appreciated. Thanks