Foxconn/ATI won't connect to HDMI TV


Oct 29, 2011
Hi All,
I have a FoxConn AHD1S MB with a built-in ATI graphics driver. It has VGA, DVI, and HDMI out.
I am having a devil of a time trying to get the HDMI to work. I have install all of the Windows 7 patchs and drivers. When I run the Catalyst Control Center, it sees the TV is connected (when I disconnect it, it sees it go away.) I have verified the cable with a BLU Ray player, so I am pretty sure it (and the TV input) works. I have tried extending and duplicating the desktop, but nothing ever shows up on the TV.
This is a new MB and I had it working during the initial installation, but now nothing ever displays (maybe it died or Windows installed something that broke it?)
Any suggestions would be most welcome - I have spent the entire day on this and my wife is ready to divorce me!

thanks in advance,
You can first fill out a tech support form: first. Foxconn sent me a new bios file when I was having issues. You must be very specific about each step you took to get the hdmi port working. I would also check your motherboard bios. Use an "f" or "del" key to enter the bios while the screen is posting or showing the foxconn logo. Your video connection should be set to hdmi, not dvi.