[SOLVED] Foxconn H61MXV v2.0 RAM Question


Sep 28, 2019
Hey everyone! So I have gotten my hands on an old PC with a Foxconn H61MXV v2.0 MOBO from a friend, which hadn't been used for years.
Initially, it wouldn't boot, the fans would spin and there was no display and a beep code would be emitted. Truth to be told I had already taken out the CPU and I noticed that some of the pins were bent. I tried moving them into place, however I think one of them was either too damaged or cut off.

After a bit of research though, I found out the beep code probably corresponded to a memory problem and after removing the second DIMM, the PC boot to life! I tried another good DIMM on the problematic slot and nothing changed, so the slot has gone bad.
Anyways, so I'm left with 2 options:
  1. Use just the remaining slot, in which case I ask: Can I use 1 8GB RAM DIMM? This is the memory spec entry in the MOBO's user manual:
Memory 2 x 240-pin DDR3 DIMMs
Support up to 8GB of system memory
Dual channel DDR3 1800(oc)/1600(oc)/1333/1066MHz architecture
(oc*: overclocking)

However max memory per DIMM is not specified and Foxconn's support sites have been down for ages... Any tips?

2. Try to fix the problem, in which case, I would really prefer not to mess with the pins anymore. Is there anything else I can try, instead of cleaning the RAM slots with some compressed air, etc.?

Thank you all in advance for the help!