Question FPS and Frametime unstable after PC restore.


Jun 4, 2016
FPS and Frametime not stable after PC restore.

Hi everyone!

Recently I’ve been trying to fix some stuttering I’ve been having in some games in my library (War-frame, Torchlight 2,) and I had gotten to the point of giving up and decided to just do a system reset and crossed my fingers that everything would be fixed... sadly that was not the case.. as everything is just awful now and it’s actually made me quite upset to see a good rig now run for how much I paid for it.

In Warframe I used to get around 200+FPS, The Elder Scrolls online I’d get a stable 100fps on ultra, League of Legends 340+FPS, Smite 100 FPS+100. Now when I play any of these games after doing the restore, I can’t get my FPS to be high nor be stable. In Smite I now get 60-85 FPS and the frametime is awful with stutters. The same is with ESO, my FPS hits around 70-85 and the frametime is bad and there are stutters. Even using Riva Tuner, my frametime and FPS still freaks out.

I’ve tried changing settings in Nivida control panel, changing power options. Installing new drivers, and disabling background programs and everything is still bad. The only thing I haven’t done is a fresh reinstall of video drivers with DDU, as I only used the “fresh instal” option that Nivida would have.

If anyone could please give me some pointers on what could be wrong, I’d really appreciate it. I’m currently at work right now so replies will be take a second.

Here are the specs for my pc.