Question Fps and Quallity problems


Jul 16, 2019

My rig: Msi Gtx 1080 8gb, I5 6600k, 16gb hyper x fury 2600, Mobo: MSI B250M PRO-VD

My problem is that In a lot of games I have a good fps around 100 but on every preset usually on ultra the games look bad It doesn't look like a gtx1080 quallity.
In Rdr2 on ultra, high, medium, presets I have the same fps around 35-45. Its not that bad but Im not satisfied, around 40 fps its "okay" .
Is there something Im missing or is it just the game, its a kinda fresh release. The main problem of my post is the shuttering in Red Dead 2, Im monitoring my components with Riva tuner, Usually my gpu is on 85% as options says the game use less than 50% vram during the game.
My cpu is on: 50%
8600mb Memory use
Gpu cpu etc temperature are all fine nothing serious, sometimes the gpu goes up to 74celsius and thats it.
At nvidia options I changed the power options from quallity to performance, it gaved only 5fps.

I start the game, I walk around for 1 minute and the screen stucks, after 4 seconds its coming back and everything is smooth, It happens like every 3rd minute.

This rig is kinda new I got these components and made a rig for gaming,
Is there something Im missing, usually I install the opsystem, and uptade my drivers especially the gpu driver. Should I update my bios or cpu.
Im pretty sure that my monitor is not the best maybe it can cause the bad graphics.
I also calibrated the memory frequency to the best actually auto setting is proper too.

If there's anything you can help with, any tips or solutions, pls tell me.



Jul 3, 2016
I have a zotac gtx 1080 , I got it in a custom built rig when the card first came out 3 years ago.
I run every game on the highest setting possible without a problem.
Are you by any chance using the nvidea experience program , if you are get rid of it as it seems to cause more problems than it fixes. Once you get rid of it get your driver update yourself and choose custom install so you can untick the experience tab. Go to start up menu and untick any entries for it or your start up menu will go find it again.

I was given the g card disc in case i needed it in the future , i explored the disc contents and found what i thought was a game , it was an overclocking program but as i never overclocked i emailed zotac for advice.
The individual who replied to me said he could not understand why the disc had an overclocking program on it.

His answer was and i quote " on the rare occasion that the card will be made to work hard it has the ability to overclock itself". PLEASE NOTE i dont know if his comments were correct i am just saying what i was told.
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