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Question FPS capped at 60 at any game! Really in deep need of help.

Jul 23, 2019
Basically, i have a DELL Inspiron 15 3000(not made for gaming, but i only play some basic games) with an i7 8th, 8gb ram and an AMD Radeon 520.
I'm able to play CS:GO freely over a 100 fps in windowed mode and fullscreen borderless but soon as i set my resolution to fullscreen the fps locks at 60 - 61 FPS.
Why would i want it above 60 if my eye can only see 60? Because the fps being locked at 60 for no reason at cs go causes a severe mouse lag and makes it horrible to play, playable but not so much y'all understand?
Anyway a few days ago i tried using DDU(Display driver uninstaller) to uninstall my AMD drivers and install them again, it worked! uncapped my frames and made me lose some, but it was above a 100! The big problem is that soon as i restart my laptop it seems to reset and caps my frames again. So every time i desire to play CS i have to uninstall my drivers with DDU and install them back, it's a real pain! So i would like some help please!
What have i tried:
  • Disabling GAME DVR.
  • Setting VSYNC OFF both in game and in AMD control panel plus Intel integrated GPU control panel.
  • Uninstalled XBOX APP.
  • Disabled Gamer bar, Game DVR
  • Tried disabling fullscreen optimization and using compatibility mode.
  • Uninstalled GPU drivers with DDU as said above.
Been searching all day to solve this for a week and i'm almost giving up my hobby cause of this.


That might be a result of having the display output to the monitor running through the Intel graphics. Make sure there are no settings in there regarding full screen mode.

All I've got, never heard of this particular problem.